Installing Ubuntu as a second system on Mac Mini

Today my task was to install Ubuntu as second system on my Mac Mini.

I tried several USB Image creation tools [list]. At the end I’m going to use
YUMI which I found in the official Ubuntu manual.

nointremap solution:

Select Linux Distributions and press tab to edit boot options

Other open tabs:







Phonegap: You may not have the required environment or OS to build this project

Total time: 5.352 secs


throw e;

Error code 1 for command: /var/www/bt/platforms/android/gradlew with args: cdvBuildRelease,-b,/var/www/bt/platforms/android/build.gradle,-Dorg.gradle.daemon=true

ERROR building one of the platforms: Error: /var/www/bt/platforms/android/cordova/build: Command failed with exit code 8
You may not have the required environment or OS to build this project


Installing Robot Framework on [x]Ubuntu 15.04 + PyCharm plugin

Installing Robot Framework

Install Selenium for Python and selenium2library for Robot Framework:

pip install selenium robotframework-selenium2library

Installing Ride GUI for Robot

Official guide:

Step by step

Installing wxPython required by Ride (thanks to this SO answer):

sudo apt-get install python-wxgtk2.8 python-wxtools wx2.8-doc wx2.8-examples wx2.8-headers wx2.8-i18n

Installing plugins

Now I’m going to install Robot Framework plugin for PyCharm.

Normally you may find a correct version by navigating to File->Settings->Plugins->Browse repositories

Download Robot Framework plugin for PyCharm here:
I’m still using PyCharm version 3.4, so I had to download an archive with 0.10.2 version supported by my PyCharm.
After download completed, in PyCharm open File->Settings->Plugins

Finalizing my first application in the Google Play Market

Not too technical, but still… For a long time I was playing with some Android development, but it was always just for fun and never left the local computer or my own phone.

Now I’ve finally finished a tiny silly but cute app and started uploading it to the Play Store. What can I say – it’s like a new love to programming. Coding starts matter, you again care about all tiny details your app has. You have to groom it before showing to public and you feel it’s your child.

So definitely, if you’re tired of programming – try making some software for people.

To be continued…